Head massage – 20 min

22 €

Head massage relaxes you, stimulates the circulation, lymphatic system and hair roots, soothes the tension in the eyes, helps you with your insomnia and improves your concentration.

Local massage – 30 min

28 €

Soothes muscle tension, eases the stress, improves the circulation and the immune system. For one area of the body (upper or lower part).

Cellulite massage – 30 min

30 €

Massage for the problematic areas on the body smoothens the skin and reduces the orange peel appearance. Active ingredients of the special serum stimulate the cellular metabolism and trim the skin.

Warm back massage – 30 min

30 €

Aromatic massage begins with peeling the skin on the back and continues with a relaxing massage with warm candle oil.

Honey massage – 30 min / 50 min

30 € / 50 €

Honey is a strong remedy. Supplemented with the techniques of massage, it works even better. Honey massage is a remedy for anemia, fatique, radiculitis, troubles with joints and for neurological disorders. It stimulates the lymphatic system and the circulation as well as treats cellulitis. Bioactive ingredients in honey detoxify your body and fill you with fresh energy. Extra sensitive skin may feel little soreness.

Back massage with herbal oils – 40 min

38 €

Conventional back massage with herbal oils stimulates the circulation and the lymphatic system, eases muscle tension in the back and neck area and improves the skin elasticity on your back.

Cooling leg massage – 40 min

38 €

This treatment is ideal for those who suffer from ‘restless leg’ syndrome. It is also popular among athletes and others involved in physical activity, since it speeds up muscle recovery. The massage stimulates circulation and alleviates leg and foot problems stemming from water retention. It provides a cooling effect from the very first treatment, reducing oedema and discomfort in the legs and feet.
The massage is not suited to those suffering from thrombosis in their legs or feet, those with damage to their tissue, muscles or joints, swelling, wounds, scars or varicose veins and those who have undergone surgical procedures. Matis

General massage – 50 min

45 €

Whole body massage eases muscle tensions, improves the circulation and the immune system and reduces stress.

Cellulite massage – 50 min

50 €

Cellulite massage is a strong and intensive treatment for problematic areas of the body and aimed at improving blood circulation, muscle tone and the structure of fatty tissue. The massage is meant for reducing cellulite and toning the skin, and it is performed using rubber cups. Cellulite massage boosts the metabolism as well as the lymph and blood circulation.

Cupping massage – 50 min

50 €

Cupping massage is a type of massage where silicone cups of various sizes are used in combination with manual massage. The massage is based on the client’s requests and indications, and the focus will be on specific problematic areas. The massage improves the mobility of joints and muscle tone, trims the skin, cleans the pores and improves blood supply. As cups improve all of the above processes and speed up the metabolism, any toxic residues will leave your body and cellulite will also be reduced. Cupping is not suitable in the case of the following: varicose veins and inflammation of the veins; serious cardiovascular diseases; serious kidney, liver and lung diseases, fever; cancer, tumours; depression; diseases of the thyroid, acute inflammation; artificial joint(s), skin diseases; blood clotting disorders; open wounds; various skin problems (psoriasis, allergic rash, elevated birthmarks); less than one month has passed since surgery; the abdominal region during menstruation; pregnancy and breastfeeding.

New! Relaxing massage with amber extract and sunflower oil – 50 min

48 €

.This relaxing and soothing massage begins with exfoliation of the back using a silky soft scrub with natural amber powder. The scrub is then rinsed off and followed by a special relaxing massage using massage balm with amber extract and sunflower oil. This truly relaxing treatment perfectly calms both body and mind. Ideal for men, too.

Aromatic massage with warm oil – 50 min

50 €

A relaxing, warming and aromatic full-body massage that will help you unwind and recharge your batteries. The unbeatable combination of warmth and aromas works to achieve both balance and harmony.

Thai foot reflexology massage – 75 min

50 €

An old oriental way of doing massage in pressurizing bioactive points. Through the points on foot it is possible to activate the work of organs, manage stress and release tensions in the body, rise the feelings. The massage aims to achieve relaxation and balance. Relieves headaches, migraines, insomnia and tiredness.

Aroma massage – 60 min

50 €

Aroma massage is one of the application of aromatherapy and most efficient way to use essential oils. Everybody is treated with a personal approach, combining the touch of massage with the healing effect of essential oils.

Lava stone massage – 75 min

60 €

Deeply relaxing, heightens the spirit and gives you new energy. Treatment combines a delicate massage with effects of heat from the lava stones.

Classical russian massage – 75 min

60 €

Intensive whole body massage eases muscle tension and improves the circulation. Russian school.

Estonian hemp oil massage – 75 min

60 €

Exhaustive highly potent total body massage with Estonian hemp seed oil to stimulate blood circulation. The vitamins in hemp seeds give hemp oil it’s moisturising and anti-inflammatory effect and prevent skin aging. The massage also uses stones wrapped in cloth that warm up muscles before the massage. Excellent for men as well.

Classical Estonian massage with oil – 75 min

60 €

Classical Estonian massage is a new type of massage, combining the time-proven wisdom of our forefathers with contemporary knowledge. This massage reduces muscle tension and soreness, increases muscle tone as well as improves blood and lymph circulation. Especially beneficial as a follow-up treatment. The resulting feeling of well-being helps to manage and cope with stress. Recommended to all who wish to restore their general strength and balance.

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