Body treatments

 NEW! Nourishing and soothing body treatment with musk extract – 60 min


The treatment begins with a full body exfoliation with a fine, extremely pleasant mineral scrub that melts on the skin. This is followed by a massage using a velvety cream balm that smooths and soothes the skin, wraps it with infinite softness, restores moisture, reduces redness and discomfort and provides intense nourishment. This is a perfect solution for anyone who is suffering from sensitive and stressed skin that is prone to reddening. This first-class skin treatment simultaneously soothes and nourishes the skin intensively and helps the body to fully relax.

NEW! Firming and slimming body treatment with amber and rose extract – 75 min

69 €

The treatment begins with a full body exfoliation using a coarse and extremely cleansing sugar scrub. This is followed by a toning and shaping massage with oil that intensively conditions and firms skin. This is a perfect solution for anyone who is suffering from loose, cellulite-prone skin and wishes for it to be more supple and firm. The luxurious skin treatment simultaneously shapes and firms and helps the body to fully relax.

 NEW! Detox body treatment with neroli extract 75 min          


Invigorating and refreshing detox body treatment. The perfect treatment for skin suffering from puffiness, retention of water or the appearance of orange peel skin. The treatment has a holistic toning and brightening effect on all skin types. Invigorating fragrances and textures to refresh the body and mind.

This treatment begins with a highly beneficial and cleansing full-body exfoliation. After rinsing off the scrub, a gel with neroli extract and vitamin pearls is applied to the body. The treatment concludes with a full body massage to tone the body. MATIS

Invigorating peeling – 30 min

30 €

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, reveals smoother and brighter skin as well as improves skin tonicity. Active oils provide skin with vitality and help to maintain its youthful appearance and elasticity. The treatment ends with a gentle mist that tones and moisturises skin, leaving it fresh and cleansed.

Delicious -aromatic body pampering – 50 min

40 €

A wonderfully relaxing exfoliation ritual using an aromatic body scrub that contains cinnamon and ginger essential oils and nutmeg. Once the exfoliant has been rinsed off, you receive a gentle, relaxing massage using a rich, nourishing massage cream. Your skin will be moisturised, nourished and silky smooth! This treatment is suitable for all ages. Sothys

Peat treatment – 75 min

45 €

Peat wrap helps the organism to detoxify, making it a effective remedy for cellulitis. Peat mask stimulates the metabolism, so that your weight decreases average by 300 grams during the treatment. The wrap also improves the circulation and enriches the organism with its bioactive ingredients, giving the skin a healthy and silky appearance. The wrap has a strong relaxing effect and after that, sleep couldn’t taste any better. (stomach, feet, buttocks).

Therapeutic mud wrap with massage – 75 min

55 €

Therapeutic mud wrap with massage for the whole body that relaxes muscle tension and relieves chronic infections. The micro-elements and minerals in the mud improve metabolism and considerably increase the supply of moisture to the skin. Mud helps excrete excess fluids and residues from the body and boosts metabolism. The slightly slimming treatment with an exfoliating effect is a combination of therapeutic mud and massage. The mud wrap warms the surface of the body, preparing the muscles and skin for the massage by making them soft and warm. The active ingredients in the therapeutic mud are absorbed deeper in the skin as a result of a massage with a massage cream containing the mud. The mud from Käina in Hiiumaa is the best therapeutic mud found in Estonia as it’s the cleanest, the richest in minerals and the most alkaline.

MATIS exfoliation and massage – 75 min

59 €

The treatment begins with a uniquely caring and deeply cleansing full body exfoliation. The cleansed skin is then treated with exclusive and intense concentrates of the visitor’s choice (relaxing, slimming or firming), followed by a special massage. The special massage technique and products work together in harmony, bringing true peace and harmony to your body and mind and giving you a precious moment for yourself and your health.

Anti-cellulite body treatment with pink pepper oil – 50 min  


A slimming anti-cellulite body treatment that fights all types of cellulite and is both effective and relaxing. A comforting and potent body scrub containing sugar and volcanic rock powder, followed by a massage in the cellulite areas with pink pepper oil. During the massage, the new Sothys massage tool will be used. The treatment is finished with a slimming body serum containing effective plant and marine components. After the treatment, your skin will be softer and there will be significantly less orange peel skin. Visible already after the first treatment. Sothys

Rejuvenating face and body treatment with hyaluronic acid – 80 min


This treatment begins with pleasant and highly beneficial full-body exfoliation. A special massage technique and the harmonious influence of the products helps to remove toxins from your body. This is followed by a rejuvenating face treatment that will leave a fresh glow of youthful beauty. This amazing treatment includes a combination of massages and a mask, an intense moisturising and smoothing effect. Not only does the treatment guarantee relaxation, but a wonderfully light and freeing feeling for the whole body and smoother and more toned skin. Matis

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