Facial treatments

Eyelashes – 15 min

10 €

Eye-brow coloring – 15 min

10 €

Eye-brow shaping with Lycon wax – 20 min

10 €

Upper lip depilation with Lycon wax – 15 min

10 €

Facial and decolletage massage – 20 min

20 €

Relaxing and toning massage for face and decolletage area.

NEW! Rejuvenating eye treatment with marine collagen – 45 min

40 €

A professional treatment that gives the area around the eyes a youthfully beautiful and radiant look. This excellent treatment helps to instantly soothe and reduce puffiness under the eyes and intensively moisturise and smooth the area around the eyes. (skin cleansing, exfoliation around the eyes, eye mask, massage around the eyes). Matis

Cleansing treatment with white clay – 55 min

50 €

Treatment normalizes the sebum excretion, cleanses the skin and soothes. Helps to avoid inflammation and supplies oxygen to cells. Recommended for oily skin. (surface cleansing, peeling, facial and decolletage massage, throttling pore mask, eye serum, day cream). Matis Facial treatment can be taken with mechanical cleaning, extra time 25 min 15 €

Relaxing facial treatment with grapevine extract – 55 min

50 €

Kudzu vine & wild mango butter has a soothing and nourishing effect on dry, coarse skin. This treatment is suitable for sensitive and irritable skin that is prone to reddening. (surface cleansing, peeling, facial and decolletage massage, mask, eye balsam, day cream).MATIS Facial treatment can be taken with mechanical cleaning, extra time 25 min 15 €

NEW! Smoothing facial treatment with exfoliants and arnica extract- 50 min

55 €

Rich in AHA acids and caring active ingredients, the treatment gives a visible “new skin” effect after just one treatment. Intensive surface layer acid peeling accelerates cell renewal, evens out skin tone, reduces signs of aging and any issues with pigmentation. This exfoliating treatment is complemented by a super-moisturising hyaluronic acid mask with an immediate smoothing and wrinkle-filling effect. This is a perfect facial treatment that, in addition to effective exfoliation, also gives the skin an immediate moisturising and anti-aging effect. Suitable for all skin types. (surface cleansing, exfoliation with fruit acids, face massage with ridoki rollers, mask, serum, eye cream, day cream). Matis

Firming and nourishing anti-ageing treatment with citrus fruit extract 55 min  

55 €

This anti-ageing treatment effectively combats skin laxity, wrinkles and uneven complexion. At the heart of the treatment is the naturally derived DensiDerm complex, which acts as a skin restorer. This complex firms, plumps and strengthens skin tissues and stimulates collagen and elastin production. The nourishing mini-pearls add a pleasant softness and elasticity to the skin, while the citrus fruit concentrate brightens and smooths the skin’s surface. The treatment leaves your skin youthfully toned, firm and with a radiant complexion.

Moisturising facial treatment with camellia oil – 55 min                 

55 €

Intensely moisturising facial treatment suitable for dry and sensitive skin. This cream mask with its rich ingredients and a light, pleasantly airy texture provides immediate comfort and increased wellbeing. Nutritious fatty acids, Omega 6 and vitamin E are all present in camellia oil and help to avoid the development of wrinkles and have a rejuvenating effect. Moisturising shea butter nourishes, soothes and softens skin and has an anti-aging effect with the polysaccharides (surface cleaning, exfoliating, face and neck mask, mask, eye serum, day cream). Matis

It is possible to choose the facial treatment with a 25-minute mechanical cleaning for 15 €

NEW! Brightening and energising facial treatment with damask rose extract – 55 min

60 €

This energising and rejuvenating treatment brightens and enhances the skin’s natural glow and gives it an instant youthful appearance and rosy complexion. Damask rose extract smooths, relaxes, moisturises and adds glow. The unique treatment is suitable for all skin types. It is especially effective on dull, tired and uneven skin. (skin cleansing, exfoliation, face and neck massage, GuaSha massage, mask, eye cream, serum, day cream) Matis

Rejuvenating and smoothing Matis signature facial treatment
with white rose stem cells -75 min

75 €

This unique rejuvenating facial treatment is centred around a truly relaxing firming massage and a Cell Expert facial mask. The latter contains an exclusive white rose stem cell extract and the muscle-relaxing natural peptide Argireline. This powerful combination of active ingredients successfully protects the skin’s own stem cells and promotes the formation of new ones. The plant-derived Argireline peptide offers an alternative to botulinum toxin injections and works by relaxing muscle contraction mechanisms. Thanks to the powerful active ingredients and the smoothing properties of the rubber mask, the treatment works like an instant photoshop effect. The skin is left feeling wonderfully fresh and silky smooth and gains a beautiful, youthful complexion

Exclusive modelling face treatment with natural ocean extracts – 80 min

80 €

An intensive facial treatment for mature and demanding skin, which fights all signs of ageing and helps restore the youthful beauty and freshness of the skin.
The effect of luxurious herbal and marine ingredients combined with special modelling massage technique gives a truly effective anti-ageing result without the use of machines or surgery. The skin will immediately regain its youthful appearance: it’ll be pleasantly smooth, elastic and tighter with a fresh and glowing complexion. (surface cleansing, peeling, facial and decolletage massage, mask, eye serum, day cream). Matis

Purifying treatment for men – 55 min

50 €

Soothes and reduces skin irritations. Controls the skin’s oil secretion. Matis (Surface cleansing, peeling, face and neckline massage, mask, eye cream, day cream). Facial treatment can be taken with mechanical cleaning, extra time 25 min 15 €

Refreshing facial treatment for men – 55 min

55 €

Refreshing and energizing treatment stimulates the reproduction of skin cells. The special and diverse ingredients used for the treatment instantly make the skin clearer and brighter, and remove any tension and signs of tiredness. (Surface cleaning, peeling, face and neckline massage, energizing mask, eye cream, day cream). Matis

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