Feet and hands

Underarm depilation with Lycon wax 15-20 min

12 €

Depilation of thigs for women – 25 min

18 €

SPA hand treatment – 25 min

20 €

Luxurious treatment, making your hands soft as silk. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin and stimulates the circulation. (hand peeler, mask, massage). Does NOT include manicure. ORLY

Warm oil wrap and hand massage – 25 min

20 €

This warm oil wrap is part of a relaxing, orange-scented aromatherapy ritual that will pamper not only your dry hands and cuticles, but also your senses. Soften, rejuvenate and nourish your skin, moisturise your hands and brittle nails and enjoy a relaxing hand massage. Your hands will be silky smooth and look noticeably younger after just one treatment! Orly

SPA foot treatment – 25 min

25 €

Luxurious treatment for your feet, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, stimulates the circulation, giving the a light and silky feel (peeling, mask, massage). Does not include pedicure. ORLY

Manicure – 50 min

28 €

Nail shaping and treatment, treating cuticles, nail polish.

Hot oil manicure ORLY – 45 min

28 €

Indulge your dry hands and damaged cuticles in a bath of warm oil featuring the uplifting scent of orange blossom. Soften and moisturize dry, damaged cuticles and add moisture to brittle nails. Finish with a luxurious hand massage and skin moisturizing treatment. This manicure service will leave your hands softer and your cuticles stronger and refreshed. Nail shaping and treatment, treating cuticles, hand massage. The treatment does not include nail varnish.

SPA manicure – 55 min

32 €

Nail shaping and treatment, cuticle treatment, peeling, mask, polishing, ORLY

Thai reflexology treatment for hands – 45 min

28 €

Thai reflexology therapy for hands is a system that awakens the body and gives it health and balance via zones. Various organs are stimulated during the hand massage and muscle tension is also relieved. The hand massage relaxes the whole body, but we recommend this therapy particularly for office employees for the treatment of wrist problems caused by the use of a mouse and in the case of tiredness in the hands.

Depilation of legs for women – 50 min

28 €


from 45 €

Foot bath, cuticle treatment, nail shaping, skin treatment, cream, polish. The grades are determined by the attendant.

First grade ~ 60 min 45 €

Second grade ~ 80 min 53 €

SPA pedicure – 80 min

55 €

Foot bath, cuticle treatment, nail shaping, skin treatment, peeling, mask, cream and polish on request. ORLY

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