About us

Our goals

Clean way of life = we are aware of the environment, doing all we can to ensure that future generations would inherit clean environment. We keep our rooms and surroundings clean, we appreciate clean nature. Most importantly, our conscious is clean for the way of life we practice.

Honest way of life = we co-exist with the nature, staying honest with ourselves and our customers. We offer the things we believe in and believe that people around us offer the same in return.

Natural way of life = we conduct our business with environmental awareness, prefering local raw materials and appreciating our immediate surrounding, the nature around us. We try to keep our products as ecological as possible.

Healthy way of life = we work to provide natural therapies and treatments, as well as to propagate nature appreciation. Check what you eat and exercise regularly, healthy way of life is a matter of attitude.

Our vision

we are a unique nature spa, located in the nature, utilising local originality and natural products, keeping your vacation experience and sleep health as our main concern. For a person who appreciates health we should be a place of pilgrimage.

OÜ Pintmann Grupp is established in 1998 to develop the hotel and vacation business, based on the Kubija Hotel. Kubija Hotel was previously owned by the Trade Unions and opened its doors in 1989. Võru-Kubija is well known for its untouched nature and many lakes. It has been a preferred destination for its recreational tracks as long as anybody can remember.

Nowadays Kubija Hotel & Nature Spa works in two directions: providing accommodation facilities with additional services (foodservice, spa and sauna center, seminars) and health related facilities (wide choise of treatments).