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    In South Estonia with kids

    The cool stuff for kids is also essential part of the South Estonian experience, so you should stay here with your kids more longer. Kubija Hotel & Nature Spa offers affordable accommodation for families with children, packages including breakfast and dinner as well as entry to Water and Sauna Center in the hotel.

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    Where to head with kids in South Estonia?

    • Pokumaa is a family park based on the books of Edgar Valter. With the help of Pokus children can get to know the nature and participate in events, and of course get to know the Pokus themselves.
    • Traffic City in Võrumaa is perfect place to learn about the traffic, there you can move about in a little car or on foot and learn the basic rules in traffic.
    • Alaveski Zoo-park, inhabited by 90 animals and 28 pheasants, all in their natural environment.
    • Pony Land is a place to see Estonian bred horses and take ride on one of them.
    • Valgesoo offers one of the greatest ways to examine the scenic bogs: by climbing with your kids to the top of the wooden Valgesoo lookout, 24 metres high. On the foot tower the boardwalk heading to bog starts. It is wide enough for a stroller or a wheelchair.
    • It is a holy duty of every estonian to visit Taevaskoda at least once in the life. This is the ultimate reason to visit this splendid natural reserve yourself. Adults can enjoy it as a hike and the kids can just have fun and run around, admire the sandstone cliffs and have a sip from a natural spring. Take a ride on a romantic riverboat Lonny, which departs every full hour from the Saesaar dam.
    • Estonian Road Museum, located 25 km from the hotel, is a place where your smallest ones can ride in a pedal car and little bit older ones can have a look at electric cars and the reaction rate meter.
    • Värska Water Center is little bit farther from Kubija Hotel & Nature Spa, but is nonetheless a destination worth your family’s while, even the youngest ones should be pleased with the baby pools, water temperature 37º, or with the jacuzzis filled with pure mineral water, the same one that has been drunk for decades. For children up to 5 years, the entry to the water center is free!
    • Jaaniraotu Bird Park is not far from Meenikunnost on the Põlvamaa and Võrumaa border, and is inhabited by ostriches, parrots, owls, all together over 50 kind of different birds. Also some great animals like donkeys, dwarf goats, rabbits and pigs, not to mention the others. Excitement for everybody, from little babies to their grandparents.
    • The promenade by the Lake Tamula in the city of Võru is not only a place for a quick swim, you can also enjoy the playground, fountain and other kids attractions, just to spend your time in the right spirit.
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