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    Spa and Sauna Center

    Unforgettable experience!

    The spa and sauna centre, situated in a pine forest, offers aquatic and sauna fun and relaxation.

    Spa and Sauna Centre opening times

    • Spa open Mon-Fri 14:00 – 22:00; Sat-Sun 10:00 – 22:00
    • Outdoor saunas open Fri – Sun 14:00 – 22:00

    Children up to the age of 16 are allowed in the spa and sauna center until 20:00.
    From 20:00, the spa and sauna center is for adults only.

    NB! It is mandatory to wear spa shoes with rubber soles in the spa and sauna center!

    Dear customers!

    At the maintenance  day the spa and sauna centre open 16:00-22:00.

    Maintenance days 2021: 06.07; 03.08; 07.09; 12.10; 09.11 ja 07.12.2021.

    We apologize for inconvenience!


    • Please do not visit the spa and sauna center if:
      ✔ you are required to self-isolate due to having been infected with COVID-19 or having come into close contact with an individual who has been diagnosed with COVID-19;
      ✔ you exhibit symptoms of an acute infectious respiratory disease (including mild rhinitis, a sore throat, an itchy throat, a cough, etc);
      ✔ there are restrictions on freedom of movement that are applicable to you because you have returned from a country with a high COVID-19 infection rate.
    • In the spa and sauna center we follow 2+2 rule – within indoor premises no more than two people may walk together, and the pair must stay at least two metres away from any other individuals. This requirement is not applicable to families in a situation in which it is not reasonably possible to observe the requirement.
    • Please be sure to wear a mask when staying in all public areas of the Kubija Hotel-Nature Spa. Masks must also be worn in the changing rooms up to the point at which the individuaal enters the shower. After taking a shower, a face mask must be put back on as soon as possible in the changing room.

    Spa pools

    Our spa and sauna centre has five different pools with different sizes, depths and temperatures:

    • Large pool: 24.5 m²/ depth 1.35 m / temperature 28°C
    • Wading pool: 12.1 m²/ depth 0.45 m / temperature 32°C
    • Jacuzzi pool: 12.6 m²/ depth 1.15 m / temperature 36°C
    • Warm pool: 12.6 m²/ depth 0.95 m / temperature 42°C
    • Jacuzzi pool: 12.5 m²/ depth 1.15 m / temperature 32°C


    There are also four saunas:

    • 90°C Finnish sauna
    • 70°C aromatic sauna
    • 45°C steam-salt sauna
    • 70°C juniper sauna. The 70°C sauna is well-suited to those who don’t cope well with higher temperatures.

    10 reasons to use saunas

    • Saunas can help treat joint problems and soften stiff bones and muscles
    • Saunas stimulate circulation and your metabolism – especially when you vary between hot and cold
    • Saunas give your heart a boost and help to keep your blood pressure in check when used regularly
    • Saunas soften, cleanse and moisturise your skin
    • Saunas are useful in treating your airways, even helping beat light colds (although if your ailment is more serious you should avoid using saunas)
    • Saunas can help alleviate aches and pains
    • Saunas can reduce stress and promote deeper and better sleep
    • Saunas burn calories and support weight loss
    • Saunas promote the removal of toxins and waste from the body
    • Saunas strengthen your immune system and ability to fight illness.

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